Who the hell [[Staff Members|
]]are you and what the hell is Fiore Focus? Yeah i hear you, i'm not deaf you know and you don't mumble as quietly as you think you do. We here at Fiore Focus are dedicated to bringing you all the latest news from the wonderful world of Earthland! While we primarily focus on our wonderful nation of Fiore (DUH), we also have stories and the latest gossip straight from other nations. Looking for some news on that new power couple? Want to find out the latest fashion trends straight from Bellum? Or do you want to have some laughs at the strange and wonderful things that are going on in the world of renowned figures? Well if you said yes to any of the above then boy do we have you covered. Don't worry though, we also have a lot more here so just hang on and enjoy the ride that is FIORE FOCUS!

(Please note that this is not a canon Earthland from the Anime/Manga series of Fairy Tail. This is the AU from the roleplay site Fairy Tail Guild and as such i don't want to hear you whining about things not being right.)

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