So you are curious as to who works behind the scenes here at Fiore Focus? No? Well why the heck did you open this page then?

Anyway, while we all have our privacy to ensure is maintained the staff members here have been forced to agreed to share a little info on themselves with you.

The Food Chain Corporate LadderEdit

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Raitongu - (Supreme Overlord One in charge)

Well we should start at the top i suppose and luckily enough that means i get to get this over and done with nice and quickly. I'm the one in charge and trust me that in itself isn't easy. Keeping everything from falling apart around here is a full time job by itself, add in the fact i created Fiore Focus and i write a great deal of it's content and well you can understand why sometimes i might come across a little stormy. Harsh, blunt and merciless are the words i hear flying around the office when my name comes up and you know what? I don't really mind that all too much myself. If was to give you my version of things? Well i'd say i was more detail orientated, straight forward and honest.

 ~ crash is heard followed by girlish sobbing ~

Well that's my cue to go damn up a set of flood gates before we wash away in the salty wave that is my Assistants undeniably childish moods. Just remember, Not a thing goes on around here that i don't have a hand in.

Enjoy the reading i suppose,


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